Our Daily Routine

Baby with Toys

8.30 am                                          Pre School Opens

8.45 am to 9.15am -                     Breakfast

9.30 am                                          Morning session children enter and place coats on hooks and bags                                                           on box 

9.40 am                                          Morning Circle Time

9.55 am                                          Free flow play between the inside and outside area. Individual                                                                     planning is completed

10.30 am  to 11.00                        Snack Time 

11.00 to 11.30                                Focus activity (11.00-12..00) alongside Free Flow play 

11.30                                              Tidy up time 

12.00                                             Musical movement activities and games 

12.20.                                             Coats on and  sing the goodbye song to the children who finish at 12.30                                             Home time and afternoon children have their lunch 

1.30                                               Free Flow play / focused activity

2.30                                               tidy up time

3.00                                              Milk and End of Day Story session circle time

3.30                                              Home time  for 3.30 children

3.30 -4.30                                    Golden Hour Child centred choice and individual planning

Railroad Set

Individual Planning  


Every child has observations done whether they are short or long and next steps prescribed in order to scaffold children onto their next steps. During playtime staff will complete individual planning which ensures next steps are completed.

Focused Activities 

Focused Activities are focused on supporting areas of the EYFS as a whole for the entire group of children  to learn a set of skills. Activities are differentiated between all children according to age and ability.




















Our yearly planner for Focussed Activities concentrations

September - Personal Social  Emotional development 

October - Physical Development  and literacy

November - Communication and Language  and Expressive arts and design

December - Understanding of World  and Expressive arts and design

January - Understanding World and personal social and emotional development

February - Mathmatical development  and Communication and language

March - Expressive Arts and Design and Physical  development

April - Understanding of the world  and Physical development

May - communication  and language and personal social and emotional development

June - Literacy Development and Mathmatical Development

July - Transitions and literacy and Mathmatical Development

Some examples of some Key skills that our Focused activities promote

Personal social and Emotional Development

  • Teach children to recognise emotions

  • Teach children core skills such as sharing and taking turns

Communication and language development

  • Exploring a range of words nouns and adjectives

  • Explore descriptive language

  • Explore a range of sounds for sound discrimination.

Physical Development

  • Fine manipulative skills

  • Gross manipulative skills

Literacy development

  • Children learn to recognise their name

  • Children learn  to mark make letters from their name

  • Children learn to discriminate between sounds

Mathmatical  development

  • Can count to 10

  • Can Count to 20

  • Explore 2d and 3d shapes

  • Explore different ways of measuring

  • Explore volume

  • Explore size and the language of comparatives for example small, smaller, smallest 

Expressive arts and Design

  • Explore a range of media collage for example, paints, crayons, chalks, pastels

  • Explore imaginative role play 

Understanding of  the world 

  • Explore people and communities traditions around the world 

  • Explore a range of technology and its uses.

  • Explore the natural environment around them including animals and insects and 

Baking Cookies
Playful Kids
Painting Eggs