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Lilly Brook Curriculum Planning

At Lilly Brook Pre School we base our approach on three main principles 

1. Recognition of each child as an individual unique child

2.Developing relationships

3. Developing and providing enabling environments


How can we support your child to be recognised individually within our curriculum?

  • We give each child their own Learning through play journal which acts as a written and pictoral book of evidence that both staff and children contribute to.

  • We use the childrens books to observe and record moments of learning that the children have whilst  in our care. We then think of appropriate next steps to move your child on within their area of proximal development. 

  • Staff will use the books as a planning point for documenting starting points (where a child starts or is )and then plan activities around the childs next steps to record progress over each term. Staff will act as social contructivists supporting children by offering elements of scaffolding with language extentions to develop children's language and transfer of knowledge.

  • We support children to access adult led learning opportunities through a focussed activity that runs over the week. We keep a list of children's names and tick off which children have accessed the activity. This enables staff to track which children have completed tasks and return back to activities for children who missed on that experience. Completing the activity over a whole week enables staff to not feel rushed to get all children ticked off and instead restore quality time within the experience and ensure children 

How do staff support and facilitate developing relationships with your child and why is this important?

We have a co-keyworker system where we work as a team around the child. We have two teams the ladybirds and the butterflies and children are assigned a keyworker. If for any reason the assigned keyworker is off sick then planned activities will still be carried out by the co-keyworker.

When a child first begins at the setting there is a six week period of settling in in which the keyworker and child will spend time together developing a relationship. Children find transitions difficult and that is why at Lilly Brook we understand that the 6 weeks on entry is crucial for supporting settling in and providing a sense of secureness and routine.

We prefer to construct a tailor made approach to settling in arrangements rather than a one size fits all approach. We discuss with parents on completion of the application process, the start date and settling in arrangements.

At the end of the six weeks a starting points/2 year check will be completed in the form of a report by your keyworker. Every end of term your keyworker will write a report and is able to facilitate a meeting to discuss activities to support at home as well as what is planned to support your child going forward.

How do Staff develop and plan for enabling environments?

Staff plan the environment to reflect the interests of the children. We look at children's play through observation and record their interests